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Model:  TW42
Version:  V1


TW42 is not just a outstanding diffuser, but also a convenient rings assembly tool.
As one of genuine XENO diffuser products, TW42 is definitely a exciting flashlight accessory. It is widely utilized in many circumstances as temporary and camping lighting, emergency lighting, traffic/pilot command, beacons, water container in extreme environment and tools for rings assembly.
All XENO diffuser products are made with Japan made high quality materials, precisely processed with CNC lathe, milling and high power fiber optic laser machine. TW42 is pure looking, high density, high strength, inclusion-free and bubble-free, diffusion effect is almost perfect.  It is also corrosion and aging preventive,  shock resistance and very reliable. It is always the obvious choice.

As a diffuser, TW42 fits XENO G42/F42 and any flashlight which has 1.8" Diameter Bezels. 

The special material and construction design protects the oxide coating from scratching during TW02 assembly and disassembly operation.


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